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Welcome on researching crypto network. This website is currently under development to grow to the place to be to find the gems in the cryptocurrency space. Giving you the tools and information you need to make own decisions. We also give you the possibility to create and maintain a page on our site for the project you like or own, or just want to share with others what you have found out about a coin or token.

The price and the value of cryptocurrencies

All people active in cryptocurrencies realize there is the difference in todays price for a cryptocoin, and the value of a cryptocurrencie. The value is made by what you can do with a coin, or what the usecases are. Can you go shopping with it, in real life, or online. Can you play games with it. Etc. Those are the factors that make the value. When time elapses, the price will move toward the value. Researchingcrypto is about value , not about the price today.

Doing your own research on coins

When you want to learn more about a coin , token or currency at first you might want to visit the project website. But there are much more questions you should ask yourself. Is the team active, are they anonymus or well know crypto enterpreneurs? Is the community around a project active and supportive? What activity and progress is made?

Cryptocurrencie Exchanges

Crypto exchanges come and go like all other companies in the world. My favorites are :


Heading forward

I like to give an update on what we are doing , but that starts with looking at what we have done sofar. The stucture of the website has been made, all custom, the essentials are complete. And from here we are able to extend them fast and easy. User/publishers/writers profile environnement, the part after the login will be extended in the coming weeks. You will at all time be able to work on the the pages you have made and own on ResearchingCrypto.

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